Tree and Crystal Essences from the Diamond Isle

The echoes of our ancient past come filtering down to us, like a trickling waterfall from a great ocean, through aural tradition in stories and parable: our precious fairy tales that hold many keys to the past. One such "fairy tale" is the true story of the Isle of Wiht, Island of mystical powers. This is our Diamond Isle.

In the days of the Druids and sorcerers when magical powers were enacted, and real, the Isle of Wight, as it is now known, were two distinct islands: the Isle of Wiht and the Isle of Yar. The river Yar separated these two islands and was overseen by the King Oglander, his castle keep situated above the town, now called Brading.

But there was dissent and unrest between the islands and people grew into a warring frame of mind.

To stop further bloodshed, it was decided to bring matters to a contest between the Druids sorcerers from each island. Standing by the banks of the river Yar, the mighty sorcerers from Wiht and Yar fought their magic. They fought with giant magical staffs, which confounded the onlookers with their mastery and skill of the ancient arts. The Druid from the Isle of Yar, started to weaken and eventually, the sorcerer of Wiht battered the magical staff to pieces. All was lost for the Isle of Yar, but when the staff broke, all the magic was released; bright blue and green flashes of light cascaded and flew around.

These flashes were the remnants of the dragon power held within the staff. They became tiny dragonflies, of a beautiful blue and green colour, that we can still see today by the River Yar. These are the Island dragonflies: and they come from magic. The word Wiht means mystical powers: the Isle of Wight is just such a place.

What this island may have become if the Druid sorcerer from Yar had won the day is best left in the realms of the imagination…..

Magical and profoundly a part of everyone
The Wihtyar Essences are made with respect to this ancient energy,
ever beautiful,
ever on the Isle of Wiht.

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oak & Bluebells
sweet chestnut
cracked willow
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