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Hello my Name is Jean H, and I would like to tell you about a weekend workshop I attended which Orania organised.
One of the courses was given by Llawendryad on tree essences, and the power of healing which the tree can give us.
I found this workshop really interesting; it made me look at the trees with a new interest, I was also surprised how the trees can talk to you if you let them. I know you are going to lift your eye brows and say yea.
But I found when I had finished the weekend I had a great understanding of trees, and how the essences they give us can help, when other medicine seem to elevate some problems.
I would like to recommend Jan's course, the essences, and the trees of course.


And there I stood on the Isle of Wight in this beautiful old railway station of Shanklin after a journey of 9 hours with bus, train, plane, train, fast cat and a very old slow train who has for many years runs the route underground in a mine.

At last I would meet my good friend Chuck Derby, a Native American. It was a long time since we met and I was really looking forward to that! It also was in this weekend that Chuck would awakening the Holy Pipes I’ve made so I could use them in the future for every days praying and ceremonies.

Down the stairs, to the right and then a ten minutes walk to Landguard Manor’s camping ground and so I arrived and met with Chuck and Gloria. The welcome was very hearty, warm and overwhelming and meeting them made my heart sing of joy!

In this weekend there would be given several workshops and ceremonies which I intended to follow and so I met Llawendryad, also a Holy Pipe Carrier who would give the workshops about Tree and Crystal Essences.

From the beginning I can say there was a good connection between Jan and me and I guess that was to her credit. Normally I’m not usually so quickly impressed by a person but this was different. Her softness, kindness, openness and knowledge on the subject she was talking about was impressive and so real that it was a pleasure to spend time with her. Quickly I recognised that there was something special about her and this became reality when I took her workshops.

Unfortunately for different reasons there wasn’t the public the organisation of this festival had hoped for but how lucky for me and Jean, the other participant in the workshop, it was indeed. With the two of us we had Jan completely to ourselves!

The first day of the workshop was theoretical and Jan’s explanation about the Tree essences and the working of it on the mind and body was clear and very easy to follow. Her enthusiasm is infectious and it became clear that she is an authority about this item by her own experiences she has had through the years. It really amazed me how much she knew about the trees. I myself am working with healing herbs making tinctures and salves so I’m familiar working with plants. Working with the leaves of a tree was completely new for me but made a link to the Bach blossoms therapy. Time was passing by so quickly that after the workshop I could not believe it took a whole day!

The second day we went into the beautiful environment of Landguard Manor for the practical part of the workshop. And just being in this serene park with a lot of ancient trees together with Jan and Jean was wonderful, absorbing and exciting! Walking from tree to tree Jan explained about the history of some trees and also how to make the essence of the leaves. And then she asked us to choose our “own” tree and start making essence of the leaves by our selves. So we ended up that day with our own essence and a lot of information given by Jan.

Later in the evening I had a chat with Gloria and she told me that this was Jan’s first workshop she’d given and I could not believe this. The way she has done it was so professional and without any hesitation it had looked like she had done this for years!
I was amazed and I really would end this writing with a word to Jan.

Dear Jan,

Thank you for all you have given us. Your knowledge about the trees and working with them but most of all thanks for being so open and showing yourself to us!

Nico V.

The Netherlands


I get really bad panic attacks, and recently I was set upon by a gang of youths and my hand was broken when I tried to defend myself. I expected to get one of my attacks as soon as the shock, pain and anger wore off. Jan is a friend of my mum's and so she sent me some of the Wihtyar Ivy Essence to use to combat the attacks. Yesterday I felt one coming on, and so used the spray that Jan had sent to me. Wow it worked! I was amazed. It seemed to be an instant shield and I calmed down straight away. The aroma of the spray was also calming.

I can really recommend this Essence to anyone who gets panic attacks. It is much better, easier and better looking than a brown paper bag!

Thank you Jan for caring enough to support me after the victimization and for the Essence.

Pet H


Hello, I found the Essences that I used to be of great help to me. I have been going through emotional problems recently and so Jan dowsed for me and came up with both Willow and the Ancient Beech Trinity essences for me to use. Since taking them I have been feeling much better and they have helped me in my relationship with others, and I believe that they have allowed me to find greater clarity about the direction I wish my life to go in, I have been able to cope with my stress much better and feel that I have been helped both physically and spiritually.

Jan has also been there to give me support if I needed it.



As the web-weaver of this site I had to try the products, as well as see how Jan made them. I was very impressed with both aspects. The essences are made from trees and plants that Jan knows are sacred, or special. She and a couple of trusted friends spend a long time finding them, getting out to them and leaving offerings and then setting up the fixings to make the mother essence. I was amazed watching them!

Once home Jan made the essences from the mother tincture, designed the labels and printed them out and there before my eyes was a really good looking product. Her bottles are 25ml and can be bought in any quantity and are really good value for money when compared to other tree essences. (see the savings on the order page)

One thing Jan's essences have that no others do is that they were made on the Isle of Wight, from Isle of Wight sacred trees, using Isle of Wight spring water. Jan is an Isle of Wight woman who brought her children up there before moving to pastures new, (South Africa and Glastonbury - see 3 Rays and Cradle of Humanity essence pages) but then returning to the Island a couple of years ago. She knows the Island very well as I can attest to as she has taken me on many grockling (touristy) trips over there in the past ten years!

Jan's Earth Trinity Essences are unique and one of a kind. As far as we know she is the only person making essences from specific sacred trees on the Isle of Wight and in South Africa. Consequently the essences are even more powerful because of those special energies that are charged into the liquid. Photos that Jan took of each of the trees when she made the Essences are included on the description pages on the site.

The Quintescence spray is exceptionally good. It is a 'Heal All' a good emergency product to carry with you. I have used it in all sorts of situations and it works.

A first class product, made by a woman with tons of integrity.

Gloria - (Dragonfly Dezignz)


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