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Essences made from Sacred Trees


When we make an essence, we are entering into a special partnership, a union with a tree. Its important to remember this beautiful union (the oxygen/carbon exchange) ensures the survival of both parties in this world. I have a supposition, a belief, that before humankind came here, trees walked this earth as we do now. Trees are the integral life support system for this planet, and once they reigned supreme. At some point in evolution, they agreed to become the sentient caretakers of the Earth, and sacrificed their mobility in love of the earth. They turned themselves upside down, their consciousness beneath the earth, their feet above. This is born out by ancient findings that show, at wood henge’s the central tree is upturned exposing the roots to the skies and the eyes of humankind. In Africa, the most sacred of trees, the Baobab, has its roots above, and looks so strange to our eyes, yet its power is undeniable strong.

I look at so many trees, their trunk and lower branches appear so clearly, to be legs growing up to the skies and if they are in sacred communion with the earth, then their heart and consciousness spreads out in a network right across the planet. This belief may seem fanciful, even wacky, but it does make me respect and love them, and above all want to enter into partnership with a fully conscious, ancient and wise sentient being, who deeply wishes for us to acknowledge and learn the wisdom within.

The tree is a living being and each part of that tree mirrors, in some respect, our own bodies and minds and spirits. We have a physical presence, and my wish is for every child who wishes it, to hear the heartbeat of a tree. It is the most beautiful sound, and all trees thereafter offer up this heartbeat, to be heard. It is a very healing sound and our heartbeats slow down immediately to match its pace. We slow down. It is in this relaxing state that we can communicate. Listen to your thoughts and respect your feelings. It is the tree talking to you.
They are very adept at soothing and smoothing out our hectic and imbalanced emotions:-

I was in deep stress, at the supply school I was “trying” to teach at. I used to run from the place, whenever the opportunity presented itself. I would march off down to a haven of trees in a park nearby, which had been planted over a hundred years ago by a gardener who knew his stuff.

The Holm Oak was the entry point to this circle of giants and I got to know her well. The spirit of this oak was a creatress, a beautiful creature who wafted out of the branches and showed me the high joy to be gained in honouring the creative process just for its own sake, not moan about the shortfalls of the students (I was the Art specialist drawn in to cover absenteeism). She then barked at me very loudly to stamp my cigarette out if I wanted to sit by her!! I love that tree.

Then the London plane over the way showed me the answer to a deep emotional question: How does this difficult male person actually “see” my reality? Well, the answer came in clear. I was over emotional and he did not even get close to my reality. The London plane showed me in feelings and pictures his reality and I understood just how far apart our perceptions were.

The tree has a counterpart for all our physical elements. Think of the roots, trunk and branches as forming a complete circle of energy that replenishes constantly. The yin and yang forces are totally balanced. The branches and leaves are the lungs, the buds and flowers the reproductive organs, the trunk the body, the bark the skin and the roots the nerve centre and brain.

When making the essence it is very important to focus on what part of the physical body the essence will go to (as well as emotional and spiritual bodies), and use that corresponding part of the tree.

For instance, the buds and flowers from the beech, on a beautiful sunny spring day, will make an essence whose signature is aligned to the reproductive organs and hormones in general. It will also assist in releasing emotional blockages, (from a hard, introverted winter) and bring joy to the spirit.

It is also important to understand fully the solar and lunar energies at the time of making the essence. If you want full solar energy, the essence must be made at the height of the sun, between 12:00 and 2:00pm. If you wish to make a lunar essence, this must be done either at a full moon or a new moon. Full moon essences are aligned to releasing emotional blockage and new moon is for inspiration, new initiatives and forgiveness of self and others. Always make the essence on a waxing moon, never waning.

Eclipses of either sun or moon are especially powerful, and these are often aligned with powerful stellar configurations. I have just completed the second part of the Three Ray essences, bringing in union, the Yew, the crystal petrified wood, and a full moon eclipse at Sawhein and the planetary alignment of a pentagram.

IMPORTANT: Always ask the permission from the tree, first and foremost. Leave an offering. I always give a strand of my hair. It's an old celtic lore and pleases the Faeirie elementals. To give of ourselves as they give of themselves. The triple alliance was the contract made between Humankind, Nature and the Faeirie realm, the sooner we honour this again, the better for all

The equipment.

A clear crystal bowl.
Jam jars.
Fresh spring water,(preferably from local well or stream).
Climbing equipment (ladder) if you feel adventurous!
A clear heart and a willing soul.
A clear day with sunshine/moonshine, clouds are an option!

Take a close examination of the tree, prior to collecting equipment together. Is there a good niche to fit the bowl into? If the tree has buds and branches 60 feet up (ie. Douglas Fir) then ladders are out! And a good quartz crystal will do an excellent job of transmitting, transceiving and transducing all the tree energy from a neat base at the bottom of the tree.

The jam jars are excellent for tying to the branch tip, for leaves buds and flowers. This way the circle of energy remains intact, and nothing is cut away. It does take more time, some negotiation and balancing, but I’ve discovered this produces a stronger signature and I always use this method whenever possible.
You can use both methods, with a bowl at the base and jars hanging in the tree. The spring water should cover to the top.

There will always be some foreign bodies appearing along the way. These are taken out through using a mesh or gauze filter, when the essence is ready to transfer to the bottles.

I had a beautiful encounter with spider energy, during the making of the Fifth Element essences at the Hamble. I had put a series of four crystals out in bowls, in a circle in very overgrown grass. The companion essences, all from young trees, nearby, and created for children, were heating up in the full summer sun.
Solar and Lunar energies were being brought in for these essences. The next morning I collected the tree essences and walked to the crystal bowls. What I saw was so extraordinary and wonderful. In all the bowls, covering the entire surface, swimming away in spidery delight were hundreds upon hundreds of baby spiders!!!! It took me some time to coax them out of their swimming! Many climbed back in! It still remains one of those precious memories in essence making for me, and is proof positive that essences hold a great power.

I should note here that at no time during or after, can the essence be touched by human hand, this leaves your signature there, not the trees. Plastic, or glass implements are used, or, as in the case of the spiders, a twig or two!.

When the essence is “cooked”, it is transferred to brown medicine bottles, after being cleaned. The alcohol is added 50%/50%. It should be good alcohol, as it will be preserving the essence for several years. Most essences are good for two years and those that have past their “sell-by” date will taste sour.

The next step is most enjoyable: Testing the essence on yourself and anyone who would like to take part. It is good to collate findings and build up a picture or profile of each essence, its strengths and particular healing qualities. Documenting this is important to build up a firm base of knowledge that is realistic and practical.

Please enjoy the experience of essence making.

Blessed be
Llawen Dryad

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I also present small free get togethers to promote the Essences. These are usually done in people's homes or in shops that deal with Essences and they cover what the Essences do. I will dowse for each attendee to see which Essence would benefit them. They do not have to purchase anything, this is done as an added interest in the presentation.
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