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My spiritual journey began with a death: the death of my first born, a daughter who only lived on this Earth for four days, because that was all her ancient, wise old spirit needed to complete a cycle. Kelly Louise is my inspiration, she turned many keys to open doors to knowledge, then wisdom, I would not have accessed without her. She walks with me at times, has grown up in spirit whilst at my side. I went to the Earth Mother to heal: and I found her there: like the brilliant sun glittering on water, she taught me to love the plants and flowers, the birds and insects. But above all, she taught me to love the trees, for they are our teachers and they wish for nothing more than to heal us.
I thank her with all my heart.
And I love her beyond words.

My relationship with trees has been lifelong, brought up in the sprawling towns of London’s “Home Counties”, I remember absconding to the nearest countryside and playing near trees, much to my parents worry. I took the first tentative steps towards spiritual knowledge within the beautiful open energy of Spiritualism. Meditation, hands-on healing and cleaudience / clairvoyance became the tools for growth. Within that energy, I travelled to ancient sacred places, like Avebury, to discover with long time friends, that we shared a life in the old times at that place of the Goddess. The wisdom of the ancient and sacred Trinity, the Triple Alliance, unfolded on these journeys. From the third visit to the Longstone, at Mottistone on the Island of Mystical Powers, the Isle of Wiht, (Isle of Wight), came the first visit to Avebury, and after the third visit there, at the Summer Solstice, came the first to the Torr in Glastonbury, heart centre of Albion. These three places form a geographic triangle.

This energy of the Trinity, the most stable of configurations, is the building block of the planet, and I’ve watched and become part of a great learning, throughout my travels across the world, which has honoured the Earth, Humanity and Spirit, working together in unison: it has never failed to amaze me. And it makes forever redundant, the trick and illusion of dualism that has the hearts and mind of Humanity in a prison like grip of perpetual transient joy and much sorrow.

My adult training began in Glastonbury, at Fragrant Earth, under the tutelage of Colin Kingshott who I consider to be a true research pioneer into the scientific base of healing tree essences. His way of teaching and his extensive knowledge fed my passion to learn and be with the trees, and this has continued. He also has a deep knowledge of ancient tree lore. Combining these two aspects gave a fuller picture of the world of trees, as complex and inter-dimensional as our own. And I learnt to hear the tree heartbeat, to know they are conscious sentient beings, who hold a great capacity to heal human beings. And they are also individuals, who may not want to heal, or who are themselves, sick. I was taught by Colin to have discernment and respect. For all the above, I owe a great debt of thanks.

I continued my teaching career, as Art/Design co-ordinator for Middle Schools, brought my two girls up and balanced my spiritual life between, again, all three, the Trinity.

One day, I was given a vision dream that woke me up in panic and horror. I was shown the Earth changes in vivid reality: the responsibility: ours, humanity, for the pain and crippling demise of our planet. It was too much for one human soul to bear, and I went into denial. Three days later and three nights of recurring nightmare, I asked the question: “What do you want me to do?” “You are a teacher. Teach the children the Ways of the Earth!”

The nightmare dropped away and a project was born called Little Turtle Island, the student workshops teaching survival and wilderness skills, from Tom Brown and “Grandfather” Lipon Apache, as taught by Julian Drummond, and the Spiritual teachings and cultural ways of the Dakota Sioux. I spent my holidays travelling to Pipestone and to meet with the Dakota Sioux: to learn as much as possible about the true Native American ways, “walking the Red Road”.

oaktree LTI

Thirty-three boys and girls became Little Turtle Islanders and the teaching was circular, they taught us as much we taught them! Weekend workshops took place for four years and yearly camps in which wilderness skills were taught. Little Turtle Island came of age when four of the older students, were honoured with the Sacred Pipe, given by the leader of the Pipestone Dakota Sioux, and Pipestone 'Catlinite' Quarrier, Chuck Derby, (Running Elk). He had made a journey from his home in Pipestone MN, to meet with and teach these youngsters on the Isle of Wight. These older ones also took a vision quest and honoured the oldest ceremonial, of the Rite of Passage to manhood and womanhood.

I left the teaching profession, my bread and butter job, through sheer disillusionment at the hypocrisy of the policies made by people with many hidden agendas, and not one of them in the true interests of the children!

I became part of a project to create medicine wheels and stone circles in sacred places through out the world, and give ceremony to the spirit of the land. It started in Iceland, at a spectacular place called Hellsnar, between a sacred mountain and a glacier. A global community that were in retreat for the two days I was there and they built the stone circle. I travelled from Iceland to Washington, and Canada, Quebec, also Hopi land and then Israel, where a stone circle was created above Jerusalem on All Hallows Eve. Both Jews and Palestinians came to the ceremony in honour of Peace.

The most important part of my global journey was the year I spent in Africa, living in the Township of Orange Farm, working with the families and children with AIDS and TB, and discovering alarming hidden truths about the reality behind “AIDS" and “HIV”. I watched beautiful Anna die from “AIDS” and I promised her mother KoKo, that I would tell the West the truth about what is really happening in Africa. I am completing the book, 'The Last, Last Apartheid' that tells this story. I lived in an orphanage in rural Africa, working with the brave and amazing children who are the future of Africa. Their bright and shiny smiles hide the most horrifying abuse and horror we simply cannot imagine; yet they are so honourable in their courage. They are the Spirit of Africa and Mother Africa will be saved because of these brave hearts! I love Africa and her peoples more than I could possibly imagine when I was still living in the First World. When you live in the Third world, you are forever changed.

I created the first Earth Trinity essence in the Cradle of Humanity, Magarliesberg, South Africa. These were made at the 12 Stone Circle we created to honour the twelve races of man and each essence held a crystal aligned to the each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. A star of David was positioned in the sky, by the planets and stars, over the entire time of the essences development, that remained in the sky throughout August. It was a magical time.The first of the Earth Trinity Essences was created near the Orphanage, at the Stone Circle built there.

Magarliesberg stone circle

I devoted much of my time in using the tree/crystal essences in a supportive healing network, in the black township of Orange Farm and at the orphanage in Magarliesberg. The wonderful efficacy of these essences, in supporting the work of the primary health care workers is recounted in a book I am writing about the whole experience in Africa (much of it controversial and challenging the western view of AIDS in Africa through first hand experience.). This will become available on E book through a companion website, shortly.

I lived in Africa for a year, helping “AIDS” victims and orphans of the pandemic, but had to return to the UK, through ill health, but continued to work with essences, The Fifth Element essences from the Hamble, near Southampton, using baby trees directed towards children.

I left the Hamble to live in Glastonbury, the Three Rays essences were created there, from a vision given at the Chalice Well and supported by ancient knowledge of the three archytypes who guard Glastonbury, since time immemorial: the priest of pagan Druidry, the priest of Christianity and the priest of the Caduceus: the healing ray. Beautiful ancient trees were used to make this set of essences.

Brook Beach, IOW

I left Glastonbury to come “home”. Home is the beautiful Isle of Wight, and here I have created the largest collection of tree essences, The Wihtyar essences. And these are ever growing, for as long as the magnificent trees stand beside us, and for as long as we hear their song, then the union of man and tree will be honoured by the magical Earth Trinity essences. The Wihtyar Essences, are made on the Isle of Wight, at Equinoxes and Higher Sabbats.

My wish is to share and extend the wisdom and teaching the trees offer to us, to as many people as I can, that they can experience the joy of union with our guardians.

Blessed be Under the Oaks, beside the Water
Llawen Dryad

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