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Tree Essences and how they work

The Earth Trinity essences are created with the cooperation of the trees and their healing power, known by our ancestors and now being reclaimed as part of our heritage. They are made at the sacred times of the pagan year, and in the traditional full solar/lunar energy. Only pure spring water, obtained locally is used, and the mother tincture is fixed in a solution of 50% alcohol /50% tree tincture.

Disclaimer - before I answer the questions I have to cover myself by law by giving the following statement, which is also on each product page. If you have any medical problem you should see your own medical practitioner who can give you the treatment that they feel will be right for you. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The medicinal information comes from traditional lore and is not proved or endorsed by modern medical practitioners.

Q...What do tree essences do?
Essences work on the vibrational energy that surrounds the body. They are made in homeopathic dosage, from a potent tincture from the tree. This is so small it then heals gently, particularly emotional imbalances that promote a physical symptom if left unchecked.

The emotional vibrational field reaches to every cell in the body. (Molecules of Emotion: Candace Pert PhD) and our healing spectrum should include the emotional aspect, which is lacking in allopathic medicine.

Q. How are they made?
Tree essences are made by placing the tree part (leaves, and /or branches, cobs/flowers) into pure spring water, in strong sunlight and/or lunar light for a period of time. The healing energy signature of the tree is transferred to the water by heat exchange. Molecules and crystals are formed in the water. Tests can be carried out to find the crystal signature of the tree.

Each essence is hand set by me after finding the appropriate tree and asking for permission from the tree to make the essence. Sometimes the trees are growing well away from the beaten track and difficult to get to but I am determined to reach the trees that are most beneficial to the people the essences are supposed to help. I then find a branch that is right to set the essence on and pull over either a leaf or a blossom and let it dip into the water in the jar. I will leave that sitting like that for at least 24 hours before I go back to retreive the jar. Then I take it home and use that Mother essence to make the essences that you will obtain. I hope that my work helps you in some way.

I now present workshops where I show the participants how to make the Essences. I teach the whole proceedure in the 2 day workshop and participants get to make their own Essence.

Please see the workshop page with more details HERE

Q. Why would trees be healing?
It is only very recently that medicine has relied on man made derivatives, for pills and potions. Traditional herb craft and tree wisdom realised effective cures from using natural plants. Every part of the human body correlates with each part of the tree and the healing power is being offered from one sentient being to another.

Q. How much do you take? Can you overdose?
It is not possible to overdose as the essence is in homeopathic dosage. It is usual to take 5-7 drops under the tongue 2x daily. The essence can also be effective and totally non-invasive by spraying an infusion into the air.

Q. I am a recovering alcoholic how can I use the essences as they have alcohol in them?
I would suggest that you do NOT take the essences by mouth, instead use the spray form, or use topically.

Q. How quickly do tree essences work?
Essences can work very quickly indeed, especially on the emotional energy field. Positive feelings can be experienced within minutes. But the efficacy of deeper treatment needs to have regular dosages and sometimes several essences together, called synergies. These are more potent and could be seen as rescue remedies.

Q. do I choose the tree or does the tree choose me?
We all feel a sense of peace when we walk through a beautiful wood, and many of us feel drawn to a particular tree and want to stand or sit by it. This is a natural form of silent communion with “nature”. It is also a healing and it is a union, for the energies of the tree are meeting with our energy and an exchange is taking place on an emotional level, just as the carbon/oxygen exchange is taking place on the physical.
We choose each other.

Take time to still your mind and, picture a tree coming into your mind, then look at the chart and see if healing aspects offered by the tree are for you, or your client.

Q. What are the benefits of the Dowsing Technique in diagnosis?
When we link into vibrational energies, we are using a different form of communication, that is not speech, (telephone, radio, TV). It is more subtle and does require a still mind and intuitive forces we all possess.

The dowsing technique links us to that vibrational field, I like to call “The Tree Spirits” or Dryads. A dowser is placed over the tree essences and it will swing in positive response calling that essence out to be used for client or self. It has been shown to be almost unerringly accurate and offers a much more subtle, extensive diagnosis than just “picking” an essence. Without doubt, the trees are offering us healing.

Q. Where are the Essences made?
The various Essences have been made at different locations as shown below:

The Three Rays Essences - Glastonbury

Wihtyar Essences - Isle of Wight

THe Fifth Element Essences - The Hamble

Magarliesberg Essences - The Cradle of Humanity, South Africa

Q. What sizes do the Essences come in?
Earth Trinity Essences are available in the following sizes and style:
25ml Bottle with Pipette,
a mister spray 50 ml.
The Quintessence comes in a 100ml spray bottle.

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