The Seahorse

A vision from our Ancestors
A gift for Humanity
The stone Circle at the Cradle of Humanity, Magaliesberg South Africa 2002

The most beautiful moon, silvered, shining -white radiated to Earth and around her, a halo, shimmering wide of her orb gave the entrance to deepest space, to Infinity and the Great Mystery. On the Earth to the side of Grandmother moon, stood the courageous, healing Mountain Cabbage tree, blistered by fire and now soaking in her lunar vibration. All was still. The cloud patterns were forming a tapestry, the sky gods creating images for the Heart-Eye to see and learn. Forming a fibrous sculpture, a seahorse appeared coming from the moon. It stayed there for sometime, until the symbology and importance was realised into the consciousness of the people there.

The Symbol of the Seahorse

The tiny seahorse lives in myth and legend as a sacred animal, gifted with qualities of Love and compassion, so severely lacking in out patriarchal, materialistic world. The seahorse lives in nearly every ocean of the world. It has evolved with consummate skill to adapt peacefully to its environment.

To study the Seahorse is to discover where we, Humanity, have lost our way. It acts as a mirror reflection to us. The strongest message in that reflection is to witness the caring, love and compassion the male has chosen in BEing female. He bears the young and does this with unending commitment. The male ego simply does exist in the world of the seahorse

It shows the mask our fixed patriarchy in our world to be false, truly finite, as there is no love for the female or the Earth, no love of Life itself.

The seahorse bonds for life, and together, both partners honour that love with courtship display, daily, for one to two hours. One partner will change colour to “become” the other. If one dies, the other partner will follow within twenty-four hours.

Humanity sees gender roles as totally stereotyped. Man threw away the Female part of him and lost to him he donned the cloak of ego to “feel” powerful over the female, who in turn has become the “willing scapegoat” The true union of man and woman is born of equality and respect. Love will only grow from this and it is only Love that will prevail. All else is illusion!

Man and Woman must look to each other, now, in real partnership, because it is not possible to create Peace on Earth if we remain separate and “living” in our egos. This will finally end the “last, last apartheid”.

The seahorse are free spirits, able to camouflage and alter their shape to blend in with their particular environment, and the scientists find it impossible to categorize them!

They are humble creatures full of the true integrity of Life.

The book tells us “the meek shall inherit the Earth” and that is why we look to the humble seahorse to finally learn our biggest lesson and to unite the female and male within each of us, to jettison ego and division.

The Vision

The stone circle created in the Cradle of Humanity, South Africa, opened a portal for the Spirit Realm to enter and give wonderful direction and teachings.

At the inauguration, when twelve women lit the Eternal Flame of Peace, a golden bird, (the Phoenix) rose from the fire to circle the around the women before flying to the Heavens. The freeing of the feminine Spirit took place on this day, and from this moment, the Goddess entered the stone circle. Day after day, teachings came in vision and dreaming to those present. We all felt Her presence. She gave us the knowledge of vibrationary symbols, connecting all Humanity to the Universal magnetism of the Earth. These ancient symbols carry the encoded patterns for transmutation we have long forgotten.

Above all came the vision of the Seahorse and its role in teaching Humanity balance and harmony. It is about the freeing of the Female Spirit.

One evening, ceremony took place at the earth altar with four people present. Etienne was given a powerful vision, in which he saw a mythical figure, half man, half fish, enter the circle His hand clasped a sceptre of two swirling serpents, antagonistic, representing the dualistic nature of humanity. He put the sceptre to the Earth altar and up arose hundreds of silver seahorses, partnered to each other. The seahorses joined to form a beautiful white horse upon which, the Goddess, freed from ropes and shackles rode out of the Circle of Hearts Shrine, head held high.