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Brading Villa Isle of Wight.

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Berandinzium Villam, (Brading Villa) is the 2nd book in the historical fiction series, The Wihtwara Trilogy. It focuses on the life of the Wihtwara on Wihtland under Roman rule and expands to the mainland of Britannia and abroad to Antioch and the Silk Road.

We witness through the eyes and spirit of the main character, Eyvindr Wahl, the torment of Rome’s cruel culture, as he wrestles with his own Pagan spiritual world with that of the intense rules and structure of the Roman religion of Mithras.

Archaeological finds on Wihtland (Isle of Wight) now prove the mystical Eastern religions were indeed practised on the island.

Eyvindr walks in two worlds and tries to honour both faith ways. In the end, the Nornia (the three Fates) win and his struggle ends.

The truth behind the genocide of a whole race of devout Pagan people, Wihtwara in 686C.E. that has laid hidden for centuries is exposed fully in Berandinzium Villam.

Three despotic Roman Emperors relentlessly tortured the early Christians over several centuries. The trauma lay embedded in the generations to follow. Christians grew up with hate in their hearts. When Constantine declared Christianity to be the only official religion, the Roman Catholic Church was born, and Gnosticism and Paganism were declared heretical.

The relentless persecution and death of Pagans throughout the known world began and has continued ever since.

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Berandinzium Villam £15

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By northsylvania, From United Kingdom

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 November 2019

5 out of 5 stars, Verified Purchase

A ripping yarn

Unlike The Whitwara, which is set within the confines of the Isle of Wight, this book expands into the far flung corners of the Roman Empire, from the Silk Road back to Britannia. This gives context to both the spiritual practices and the daily lives of those living on the Island as conflicts arose when the Romans imposed their idea of civilisation on Vectis and the southern coast of England. Whitwaran families from the first book and new characters from the Near East find much in common and ally during the violent waning days of the Roman Empire.
Well written and thoroughly researched, this book brings to life a period that is often glossed over in history classes. I enjoyed the way each character's religion affected their world view, especially when they observed the beginnings of Christianity, sometimes with sympathy and sometimes with alarm. Unusually, for a middle book in a trilogy, Berandinzium Villam both propels the action forward and is also an effective book on its own. I wanted to know what happened next without feeling that I had been left dangling. While I enjoyed the Whitwara, I liked this one even more.

By Amazon Customer, From United Kingdom

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 September 2019

5 out of 5 stars, Verified Purchase

A good read

Only just started reading it my friend wrote it

By Jennifer Bryant, From United Kingdom

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 February 2020

5 out of 5 stars, Verified Purchase

Excellent read along with the Whit Wara

Vary clever to built fiction around facts which works making the read more entertaining. Knowing the Isle of Wight I was able to be with the events and places .