The Wihtwara Dynasty: Part 1 £15

The power is held within the Halig Stan, Sacred stone.

front cover of first book

This final book (part 1) continues the exciting narrative with Eyvindrson (great, great grandson to Eyvindr Wahl). He leaves Ytene Weald, (New Forest) to create a statue made from solid gold of the Wihtwara’s beloved god Wōden. He guards the statue as he travels to the northern borders with legendary warriors, Hengist and Horsa to fight the northern Scotti tribes.

The statue is Drýcrǽft, magical, holding a power from the god himself. And that power is also held within the Halíg Stãn, the sacred stone. Visions come from it.

The stone tells of the inexorable march of the fundamentalist Roman Catholic missionaries to Britannia (Dark Age Britain) to quell or massacre pagan people for their beliefs. Recant or die! The Nature lovers meet the weapon they use. The Word. The Word is the Lord and Lord is the Word.

That weapon is tongue science, (Tunge Scínende). Rhetoric learnt by the missionaries in the Agoras of the Eastern Empire. And when the words fail to work, out come the swords. The massacre of the Wihtwara in 686 C.E. draws ever closer.

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The Wihtwara Dynasty: Part 1, £15

The power is held within the Halig Stan, Sacred stone. + £8.95 Tracked P&P = £23.95

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