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In 686 A.D the Christian led invasion of Wihtland (Isle of Wight) killed the Pagan islanders, the Wihtwara, because they would not give up their worship to Nature and their Goddess Nerthus.

Dagrun Wahl of the Warinni is guardian of the stones. She discovers through the Last Telling, the truth about her people, the Wihtwara.

They are the true Royal bloodline to Woden.

And they were killed for it.

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It has taken years of painstaking research to rediscover with verifiable evidence the true Ancestors of our Isle, after centuries of suppression. The Wihtwara were a spiritual, peaceable race of people who were massacred for their beliefs. It is my passion, my aim, to honour and respect them again, for without them we would not be here. 

It has been given to me loud and clear:-

"We only truly die when we are forgotten!"

Bletsunga Beorhte
Bright Blessings 

Jan Harper Whale

Prophecies from the Ancestors 1
From The Wihtwara ™.

The Sacred standing stone high up on Mottistone down is so ancient, it has crystal formations within, which act as a recorder, transmitter and transducer.
Our Ancestors, the Wihtwara knew of its power. Visions as prophecies were laid within the beautiful tall stone. Time is of little consequence. The recordings remain.
When I discovered that, as a Wahl, I am directly related by blood to these Ancestors and when I was shown through visions from the Longstone of their last traumatic days here on Wihtland, at the hands of the invading army of Christian fundamentalists, Cædwalla and bishop Wilfred,
I knew beyond a doubt, that I had to record in book form the lives and times of these beautiful spiritual pagan people.
Their Ancestors told them through the stones. The prophecy at the Nerthus Oak in the 1st book, The Wihtwara warned of times to come.

Prophecies of the Ancestors
From the Wihtwara Dynasty™ book 3

The Roman Catholic missionaries renamed many pagan sites to insult and degrade. We have several on this sacred Isle.
The devil's punchbowl on Brading down, which is an ancestral burial ground.
The devil's chimney lays hidden along the undercliff near Ventnor.
This stunning and beautiful gift from Nerthus is a sanctuary, a healing place that also holds, drýcræft magic. The faces of Wōden lay within the stone edifice. The sacred stone gives a prophecy of the invasion to the island of the one god religion that will demand forsaking the ages old gods of Nature embedded for centuries within the soul of every pagan.
Our Ancestors held fast, held true and did not recant. In 686 C.E. swords were unsheathed, and a religious genocide began of a peaceful pagan people.
The Wihtwara ™.

Greetings friends and guardians of our sacred Isle.
We invite you to join us , Wight Druids and Wake the Wight, celebrating Spring Equinox 2021.
We have expanded this time to create two videos, each offering a different perspective.
Wight druids celebrates Alban Eiler with stunning videos.
Wake the Wight focuses on the Wihtwara with two readings from the Trilogy on "Our Ancestors Prophecies."
They are to remind us that April 22nd, King Arwald's day is near, and we hold dear their memory.

Imbolc snowdrops flowers Hello Friends and Caretakers of our island home.
Wight Druids and Wake the Wight invite you join us in the celebration of Imbolc
brought to you as a podcast. We are focusing on hope, symbolised in the first flower Snowdrop.
And sending out Hope to all those in need and looking forward to a time
when we will once again join in circle at the Longstone.
In the mean time we hope you will enjoy this virtual journey. You can find images of the making of the snowdrop essence in the video, above.

On 24 Oct 2017, Caroline & Mo Talk To Jan Harper-Whale with Dana Molecki, at Vectis Radio.

The Wihtwara ™. The rediscovered people of the Isle of Wight. Jan Harper-Whale

With the Positive Living group meeting at Ryde Library.
Takes us to the Nerthus Oak Tree near Brighstone on the Island.
Visiting The Longstone, on Mottistone down.