Raven left Middle Raven right

In 686 A.D the Christian led invasion of Wihtland (Isle of Wight) killed the Pagan islanders, the Wihtwara, because they would not give up their worship to Nature and their Goddess Nerthus.

Dagrun Wahl of the Warinni is guardian of the stones. She discovers through the Last Telling, the truth about her people, the Wihtwara.

They are the true Royal bloodline to Woden.

And they were killed for it.


“It has taken years of painstaking research to rediscover with verifiable evidence the true Ancestors of our Isle, after centuries of suppression. The Wihtwara were a spiritual, peaceable race of people who were massacred for their beliefs. It is my passion, my aim, to honour and respect them again, for without them we would not be here. 

It has been given to me loud and clear:-

“We only truly die when we are forgotten!”

Bletsunga Beorhte
Bright Blessings 

Jan Harper Whale